Acme SP107 20W Bluetooth Tower Speaker – Black




This tower speaker is designed for a great performance delivering high-quality sound. Integrated Bluetooth connection allows to play and control the music wirelessly by easily pairing the speaker with other enabled devices. Moreover, this speaker is very convenient to use – it has all the buttons conveniently placed for easy control; it has treble and bass control, special slot on the top to place the phone or the tablet so you don’t have to wreck your head how to put the device safely for it not to fall down. In addition to that, the speaker is universal, i.e. it is compatible with all audio devices featuring 3.5 mm jack. Features: Bluetooth connection – Easy wireless pairing with enabled devices High quality sound – Full-range and natural sound for all your music Convenient control – All the buttons are conveniently placed for easy control Wooden cabinet – Better sound quality Universal compatibility – Compatibility with all audio devices with 3.5 mm jack Specifications: Power: 20W Dimensions: 1 000 (A) x 150 (P) x 150 (I) mm Stand: 200 (P) x 200 (I) mm Other: Working distance: up to 10 m Driver size: 4” x 2 Impedance: 4 Ohm Power supply: AC 220–240 V, 50 Hz Package content Tower speaker 3.5 mm AUX in User manual Availible Here Connections: 3.5 mm AUX/Bluetooth Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.0

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