Lumie Bedbug Childrens Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock




All the light you need for your child’s bedtime routine and during the night. LED technology for sleep-optimised lighting that helps prepare your child for bed and minimises disruption to their natural night time rhythms. Bedbug offers fully adjustable bedside lighting to change, feed and settle your child ready for bed. Whether you have the light dimmed down low or bright for bedtime stories, Bedbug emits white light with almost none of the stimulating blue light that might keep them awake. When it’s time to sleep, Bedbug’s gradual sunset feature provides a gentle transition to night time. Fading light that mimics the colours of a real sunset creates a calm environment and further promotes your child’s natural sleep response. You can let the sunset fade to complete darkness or use the night light feature to provide a reassuring orange glow throughout the night. Smooth and silent light control allows you to check on your child and provides illumination without the part of the light spectrum that trigger wakefulness – so you can both slip easily back to sleep. Features: Fully adjustable bedside lighting Low-blue light (white light with very low levels of blue) to avoid stimulation during the bedtime routine 15-minute sunset for a gradual transition to night Two sunset options: fade-to-off or fade-to-nightlight Non-alerting orange nightlight with two light intensity options Smooth and silent light control to check on your child without disturbing them

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