Prif PlaySonic 4 Amplified Headset with Mixer (PS4/Xbox360/PS3/PC)




The PlaySonic 4 headset with its sound mixer allows you to adjust game chat and audio independently from a choice of different sound sources. The result – customised, amplified sound for all your major gaming devices. Combine this with the ability to daisy chain mixers for lag-free LAN gaming and the PlaySonic 4 is a must-have headset for every eSports games enthusiast. Features: Stylish mixer allows fully customised sound for your console or PC. Daisy chain together more than one PlaySonic 4 mixer for lag-free LAN multi-player tournaments Interchangeable and removeable mic boom Excellent sonic frequency response with deep base and crisp treble sound Voice Monitor Function – gamers can hear how they sound to others and adjust the volume accordingly

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