Raiden V: Director’s Cut Limited Edition




Klaxons at the ready for the most innovative, explosive shoot ’em up of the generation! Topple huge bosses, interact with other players and monitor your performance in real-time in a pulse-pounding action game that’s all about the thrill of the journey. Features: Eight levels of intense action – Pick from three ships and nine crazy weapons and blast your way through dynamic levels based in the real world. Exclusive Director’s Cut content – This Special Edition of Raiden V contains amazing new features and content, incluing NEW LEVELS and a local TWO-PLAYER CO-OP mode. PS4’s most innovative shmup – Support other Raiden V players over PSN with the positivity-spreading Cheer System. Reward others’ good play and call in extra help from their ships. Branching storyline – Carve your own path through dynamic stages and soak in the fully-narrated campaign. Real-time leaderboard graphs – Monitor your progress as you play with the on-screen graph that traces your performance against previous attempts, averages and others’ high scores. LIMITED EDITION SET – Contains the epic Raiden V: Director’s Cut plus the 22-track Official Soundtrack CD!

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