StarBlood Arena – PSVR




From the creators of WARMACHINE: Tactics comes StarBlood Arena™ – an outrageous first-person mech shooter that uses the power of PlayStation®VR to immerse players in fun, frantic combat competitions. In the world of StarBlood Arena™, the infamous StarBlood Network broadcasts its spectacular matches all across the universe. But matches need pilots – pilots who are prepared to risk it all… If players are to succeed, they must outmanoeuvre their competition with full 360-degree movement and go head-to-head on the lawless fringes of the known galaxy. Features: STRAP IN – BLAST OFF – This immersive PlayStation®VR experience thrusts players into the cockpit of their very own, customisable craft as they battle online with friends (or offline against AI) for intergalactic glory. FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE – StarBlood Arena’s frantic combat means there’s no safe space to hide – players must make full use of their PS VR to track enemies, dodge spectacular explosions and return fire to emerge victorious. STYLE AND SUBSTANCE – Nine different ships with nine distinct pilots can all be uniquely customised to really stand out from the crowd. As players conquer the arena, they’ll earn credits to spend on new character skins, ship paint jobs and accessories. Click Images to Enlarge

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