Veho Pebble P1 10,000mAh Power Bank with LED Indicator and Carry Pouch (Includes MFI Lightning Cable)




The fast 2.1A charging output has been designed to charge tablets, smartphones, Sat Nav’s, GPS’s trackers and other portable USB devices fast and efficiently. The Pebble P-1 Pro allows you to use your own charging cable to charge up your devices’ and is capable of charging the popular smartphones such as the iPhone® 7 up to 5 times and the Samsung Galaxy S8® up to 3 times. The Pebble P-1 Pro also ships with an Apple® MFi USB-A to Lightning Cable, so you can charge your Apple device with the supplied cable. With a USB-C input charging port, the Pebble P-1 Pro is compatible and future proof for new USB-C devices and cables, so you won’t have to update your power bank when you update your smartphone, tablet or portable device. The Pebble P-1 Pro incorporates Pebble stylish ergonomic design, which has been popular with power bank users. The power bank features a smooth matte black, Tacton rubber touch finish and a digital LED display indicator giving the exact percentage available. Designed in the UK, the Pebble P-1 Pro is packed with superior quality lithium-ion battery cells, ensuring that you get the true mAh rating and conform to all safety marks and regulations such as CE, RoHS and EMC. The Pebble P-1 Pro comes with micro-USB to USB-A charging cable, a protective carry pouch and multi-lingual user manual. Features: Large 10,400mAh portable power bank with dual USB outputs to charge 2 devices simultaneously Fast 2.1A charging designed to charge tablets, smartphones, portable USB devices fast and efficiently with Apple® MFi Lightning Cable included Fast and futureproof charging with USB-C compatible input for new USB-C devices and Compatible with devices such as smartphones, tablets, Sat Nav’s, GPS, power banks, E-Cigs, fitness trackers and other USB powered devices Ergonomic design with digital LED indicator giving the exact percentage available Superior quality lithium-ion battery that conforms to all safety marks such as CE, RoHS, and EMC Specifications: 10,400mAh 5V 1.8A 5V 1.8A 5V 2.1A (Shared) 115mm X 78mm X 25.5mm 260g

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