Yesterday Origins




Enter an enthralling world where immortality is possible, but flawed. John Yesterday will need your help to solve the many riddles of his twisted past, and take you on a journey across time to save him from his curse…and his hidden enemies. Discover different eras and places across the world in this enticing adventure. Features: A rich plot which takes place alternatively into separate historical eras Developed in 3D, allowing brand-new visual effects but still in line with Pendulo’s unique graphic cartoon touch Full dubbing with enhanced animations, motion lipsync and visual effects The players will cross the paths with a huge cast of fully voice-acted characters A fantastic variety locations to visit representing by beautifully drawn backgrounds Visiting many countries across several periods in history (France, Spain, U.S.A., England, Netherlands, etc.) Puzzles including: exploration, dialogues, use and combinations of objects, logic A dark sense of humour and exceptionally well-written dialogues Interactions and playability in real time 3D scenes Interfaces designed specifically for each type of platform Click Images to Enlarge

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